Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Name:
Round Head Metal Cap Nails

Federal Specification Number:
FFN-105b Type II, Style 20

Health Hazard Data:
Steel nail products under normal conditions do not present an inhalation, ingestion, contact health or environmental hazard.

Fire and Explosion Hazards:
Not flammable or combustible. Steel products in the solid state present no fire or explosion hazard and do not contribute to the combustion of other materials.

Fire and Explosion Data:
Extinguishing Media: Not Applicable.
Special Fire Fighting Instructions: None.
Hazardous Combustion Products: Stable under normal conditions of use, storage, and transport. Will react with strong acid to liberate hydrogen at temperatures above the melting point, may liberate fumes containing oxides of iron and alloying elements.
Oxidizing Material: Does not cause or contribute to combustion of other material by yielding oxidizer.


Installation Precautions:
Use approved hammer Use safety glasses with the hammer

General Warnings:
Do not hold or carry nails in mouth Do not leave loose nails on the floor or any walking surface Do not use to fasten electrical wire

Physical Data:

Boiling Point: Not Applicable
Freezing Point: Not Applicable
Melting Point-Base: 2,750F
Melting Point-Coating: Not Applicable
Specific Gravity: 7.85
Vapor Pressure - at 20C: Not Applicable
Vapor Density (air 1): Not Applicable
Solubility in Water: Not Soluble
% Of Volatiles: Not Applicable
Evaporation Rate: Not Applicable
Ph: Not Applicable
Oil/Water Distribution Coefficient: Not Applicable
Odor Threshold Concentration: Not Applicable
Appearance (Physical States & Color): Metallic Gray Solid
Odor: No Odor